The Conn-Selmer Avant DSS-200 soprano provides soprano players with a unique horn that can serve both as a first instrument to new players and the next step for players currently on a student horn. Much like the DSS-180, the key work and and construction of the horn is great quality and highly ergonomic, the DSS-200 has more substantial key work and “scaffolding” (points where the rods are soldered onto the tube) adding more weight and depth to the tone. The use of premium Red Brass in the composition of the horn provides a deeper and more refined tone. The Conn-Selmer Avant 200 Soprano comes in a stylish Conn-Selmer hard case, accompanied with a Rousseau JDX Jazz Model mouthpiece, completing the package.

Material: Red Brass

Finish: Clear Lacquer

Key Touches: Simulated Mother of Pearl

Neck: One-Piece

Engraving: Engraved Bell

Case: Conn-Selmer Hard Case with Backpack Straps

Mouthpiece: Rousseau JDX Jazz Model

Made in: Taiwan

Auxiliary Key: Top G


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