Portable keyboard, 61 touch sensitive keys, 2 x 5 watt:

Medeli's M12 keyboard has 61 velocity sensitive, fullsize keys, 320 sounds and a DSP effectsprocessor. It has a LCD-display where you can find the different functions of the keyboard. More than enough, we think, to have a lot of pleasure playing songs en practicing your lessons.

The M12 is filled with 100 musicstyles from all over the globe. You can use the simple internal sequencer to record the songs you play, and listen to them afterwards.


* 15.12.20 Stock coming soon!

“Dual” function
With the “Dual” function you can layer sounds freely on the keyboard. Play the melody with your right hand and listen to the piano sound, combined with strings, organ or a pad-sound. For adding extra dimension to the piano sound you can connect a sustainpedal.

With the USB the M12 can be connected with a computer. You can use the USB interface for transmitting MIDI messages to your sequencer software.