PRA383DXLR Condenser microphone with TA3F connector for PS418D preamp (either phantom power or battery)The PRA383 is ideal for saxophones, woods, eastern and western strings and percussion because of its high SPL capability and flat response. The PRA383 is easy to clip onto various instruments and simple to adjust by bending the short gooseneck for the sweet spot. A good choice for mid-high frequency range instrument sound pick-up, the PRA383 is a necessity for live sound and a studio recording device.Superlux PRA383DXLR Microphone with TA3F connector for PS418D preamp.  Gooseneck with clip can be installed on brass and string instruments easily.  Cardioid polar pattern suppresses sound from rear and sides.  Built-in 1.5-meter cable for connecting to preamplifier device