The Susato Kildare whistle set includes 1 whistle head and 3 whistle bodies in the key of C, D and Eb. The head is easily adjustable and can be easily put on any of the bodies.

Product Features

  • Great session whistle
  • Loud, clear tone
  • Plastic whistles have good intonation and are not affected by temperature changes

Product Specifications

  • Black plastic head
  • Three interchangeable black plastic bodies + one whistle head
  • Tuneable
  • Keys of D, C and E Flat
  • Small Bore
  • Packaged in a black leather carrying case
  • Includes joint grease and adjustable thumb rest
  • Made in: USA

​S-series: The S-series whistle has a little larger bore (diameter) than the V-series. It requires a little more air (a little more “push”) than the V-series, and has more volume. It’s a great whistle for a player that’s a little more aggressive in their playing style, or for the player that needs to keep up with many instruments at a Session. Whistles in this range are also known as “Soprano” Whistles.