Vincent Bach mouthpieces have been used and loved by players of all levels for decades. Vincent Bach's original designs, coupled with modern manufacturing techniques produce some of the best and most versatile mouthpieces available today.

Made in a large range of sizes and varieties. The first number (i.e the 7 in a 7C) relates indirectly to the cup diameter. The lower the number, the wider the cup diameter. Thus, any mouthpiece starting size 1 will be the widest cup diameter and is generally used by the most experienced players. Whereas a 7 is a mid-sized cup diameter. The smaller cups are used rarely but in certain circumstances where players physically prefer that, or perhaps spend a lot of time playing high notes or speciality Trumpets that require a small mouthpiece set-up.

The other main measurement is the Cup volume. The letter relates to this, with A being the deepest cup type and F being the most shallow. Cup depth relates to comfort, overall tone/volume and indeed pitch. A smaller cup depth will raise pitch slightly and vice-versa with a larger cup. Most players use Cup volume C in Bach mouthpieces but there are certain exceptions depending on the player, style and Trumpet being used.

If you select the various sizes in the option dropdown box you will see their particular measurements listed below:

  • Size: 7C
  • Cup diameter: 16.20mm
  • Cup volume: Medium
  • Throat: 3.66mm
  • Silver plated